Monday, June 21, 2010

The Importance of the Process

In this thing we call life, we face the ups, we face the downs, we even face the obstacles that can sometimes steal our focus.  The life that we live can be considered a process. We know that the process of life begins at birth. As that child takes that first breath of air, the process begins. Maturity soon follows and there we find a young person, still walking through the process of life. They wake up daily, they get dressed for school, and they catch the bus early in the morning, just for the process of learning.

June 23rd I will turn 25 years old. It seems as if it were only yesterday that I was facing the process of my younger years. Yes the process of life is a wonderful thing, something to be cherished and enjoyed, but there is also one other process that we must never forget. 
It is called Gods process. Each and every person, desires to some degree, to walk in some fashion of ministry. Either as part time or full time, each and every person with ambition for the kingdom has some level of desire.
I have had great mentors in my life who have poured themselves into me, but the one thing they never failed to hide was the process that they had to pass. 
They never hid the times of struggle that they faced. They never hid that there were times that they had nothing to eat. They never hid that many times they just went without. They never failed to teach, that in order for great ministry to prevail, one MUST pass the process.
To many times we look at where our elders are now and we fail to see where they came from. They too passed through the process. They too faced many hardships in their lives. When living for God was not the thing to do, they lived for him with desire. Their desire to pass the process was greater than the moment of persecution.

God’s process is what builds character, Gods process is what builds a persons integrity, and Gods process strengthens you for tomorrow. Therefore Gods process can never be rushed; nevertheless it can only be taken one day at a time.
Many have the misinterpretation of passing through a process, you can pass through something and not be changed, because you rush through and miss everything that God is trying to do in your life. However, by passing the test of process, you can’t help but be changed. God’s process of ministry must never be disregarded; rather it must be looked at as his way of proving us. 
If we pass his process, we have than proven ourselves to him and he can than elevate us to the place that he "desires"

We can never fail to forget that if we allow ourselves to pass the process, we will only be elevated to a level that we would have never imagined. 
Passing Gods process always makes room for the supernatural.