Thursday, October 7, 2010

Learning In Each Moment.

There are things in life that we are unable to always predict. There are times that just seem to pass us by, and then there are times that we jump to make decisions that are based upon what is right, but possibly not in Gods timing.
Leaning and knowing Gods timing is not something that is always easy. It can be very difficult at times, because He shows us what is right, and lets us know what will be, but in that moment, we loose focus of His timing.

Everything we do in life, is based upon timing. Eating, sleeping and breathing are all based upon  timing. So is our relationship with God. I was once told, "The right thing may be the wrong thing, if at the wrong time." That statement is so very true. It is all part of the growing process, we sometimes learn as we go, yes others may have to learn faster and more often because of one word, "patience" something that many of us struggle with.
Many things in life are unsure but one things we are able to hold to is this, if God has spoken it, if He has confirmed it, and if He has opened the door, then there is nothing or no one that can keep the will of God from  happening if in fact His people continue to walk in His way.

Life is full of these learning process, but learning to dance in the rain is something that we must all learn. Making the best out of everything situation and making it a learning time, is something that you will never achieve anywhere else. Learning in the very moment, is the greatest thing that a person can do.
So learn to dance in the rain, take the journey one step at a time, only in time will you realize what God intended us to learn.