Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Chicken and Fries"

I can never stop being amazed by the way God directs us and guides us each day that we walk with him. The bible tells us that He orders our steps and so I take it literally. I believe that every day God directs our steps to put us in the perfect path that will bring the best result and glory to Him.

Tonight I was supposed to have dinner with the manager from Starbucks and at the last minute he had to cancel due to previous engagements. I decided that I would go get something good to eat tonight. As I began eating two guys my age sat down and began talking. At that moment I was able to realize that they were American. 

As the gentleman that I am I decided to wait for them to finish eating before I sparked the conversation. As we finished eating I ask that first question that most people ask. "So where you guys from"? They began to tell me that they were from Tennessee but they both lived in Europe now. They began asking me what I did and what I was doing here and at that moment my door had just been opened! 
I told them I was a Pastor here in Geneva working on building a church. Both of them were at shock because one of them was working here in Geneva as a youth pastor and the other was helping pastor a church in Ireland. 

I dont for one minute take lightly the favor of God. I believe very strongly that each day He gives us unbelievable and undeniable favor with all sorts of people. Just as He did tonight with the two young men that I came in contact with. Tonight the Lord gave me a connection that will grow and I believe this will be a story that we will hear more about down the road. The one young man already wants to get together for coffee! 
No one can deny the power and favor of God.
When we walk in Apostolic authority you cant help but walk in God favor!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sundays Sunset

Well where do I start? While I am writing I am enjoying the evening by the Lake, looking off into the distance enjoying the view of the sun setting behind the snow caped mountains. 
God truly has blessed us today, this morning God filled one with the Holy Ghost and then we baptized her in the Name of Jesus. I don think today could have went any better than it has.

But as I am sitting here tonight I am having time to think and just reflect on my life. I have had a lot of time to think over the past three weeks that I have been in Geneva. It goes deeper than just the reflection of time. As I began my routine prayer walk around the Lake I decided that I would sit on a park bench and pray.
As the lord began to speak he reminded me of the scripture found in James 1:3. Now James is one of those books that you better read sitting down, if not it can most likely knock you off your feet because the depth of his words. He goes on to say "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh  patience".

I started thinking and reflecting over that portion of scripture that I had heard so many times in my life. I had either heard it preached in a message or my mother was getting onto me because I had no patience in my early years of growing up.
As preachers we constantly preach "faith" for the reason that scripture tells us "without faith it is impossible to please God" Just because we preach faith or walk in faith doesn't exempt a person from the daily test of life.

I am not a believe that every obstacle that we face is from God but I am a believer that there are certain things that God uses to direct us, teach us and give us wisdom for tomorrow.

Patience is not one of the easiest things to achieve it rather is an every day process that we must do our best to achieve. The bible says, "press towards" meaning every day I will try to do my best to achieve and pass the test at the end of the day.

Abraham had a promise that every where he walked he would possess the land. His biggest obstacle was himself. If we remove ourselves from the equation and allow God to take us, test us and try us then as the bible says, "we will come forth as pure gold"
Allowing ourselves to realize that unless we have faith  patience is unachievable. Only when we allow the test of faith, we then will achieve patience.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Today has been a slower day then I would have liked. I was able to accomplish so much this week and then it seems like I have not really accomplished much today.

I woke up today around 8:00 for a scheduled meeting that I had along with a hand full of other things that had to be done. Right now I am sitting at the office (AKA Starbucks) it seems to be the place that I have found myself spending a lot of my time during the day. It has been so wonderful, I have had the privilege to meet many different people, from British, French, Brazilian and Americans. 

Its something to sit in a busy place where people come and go every minute. You see many different cultures and backgrounds. You see the usuals , the tourist and then you even see those who are hoping to get a just a few cents.

Even though I spend much of the time working I can't stop but to look and watch people. I know this sounds like a cliche' but when I look at the different people I see people that are so hungry for something different than what they have. 
Geneva is one place in the world where many wealthy people live. Even though they have all the wealth that they could even want, I see people who are crying out for help.I have never been anywhere in the world where I see people so hungry as I do here. 
I love this city because God is going to grow such a mighty church. 

Thank you for all the prayers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's All In The Vision!

Praise Be To God For All He Has Done!

What a day we have had in Geneva today! I had prepared my message for the last two day, to preach the Vision that God had given, of Evangelizing, Developing, Training, and Planting Churches.

When I arrived at church we began to pray and the power of God feel upon the house and such a sweet spirit of intercession fell upon the church. The Lord spoke a word that whatever the church would ask, He would do it right then!

As we began worship service there was such a great spirit of unity and joy. During the worship Service the Holy Ghost began to heal the wounds of the people. As the service transitioned into preaching I began convening the vision that God had for Geneva.

After the message we began to worship the Lord for everything He had began to do and all that He was going to do within the church. As we began to wrap things up, I felt it would be a shame if I didn’t ask if there were any that needed prayer.

As one then two came forward we began to pray for them and after we prayed for them I asked one final time. We had a first time guest that was there and she came forward and conveyed that she was in need of God doing a work in her home situation.

As the Holy Ghost began to speak  into her life, she began to tear up and began to weep under the power of the Holy Ghost. We began to pray for her the Holy Ghost hit her and she began to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance!

To God be the Glory! With the goal of 25 being filled with the Holy Ghost by December 31st we now have had two filled with the Holy Ghost in a matter of two services! God is for us and we are going to reach the nation of Switzerland!!!

Thanks be to God for resurrecting this great church!