Saturday, April 9, 2011

God's Place

The Purpose and desire of a believer is to reach the place and position where we find ourselves standing in God's Place. God's Place is a position most try and find out through many different areas. We try and place ourselves in it by so many different things in life. Our thought process is, if we begin to do something, if we become a certain thing, or if we say specific things to the right person then we will be put in God's Place.

Do not get me wrong, yes there are times and there are places for those things. Am I saying these things will not help you reach God's Place? Quite the contrary, but they are not the sole things to help you reach God's Place.

I am reminded of the story of Joseph and his life long journey. From the birth of his dream to the reality of his dream is around 16 years. At the conception of his dream, he thought that if he told the right people and if he said it that it would become a reality and he could reach the place which his dream had shown him. Yes, he had the first point down. He believed his dream, therefore it would be able to come to pass. In order for the dream to become a reality we know that we must first believe that it can come to pass.
We see that there was one thing lacking, and that was his ability to realize that in order to reach God's Place, he first had to get there and in order to get there, he first had to take the journey.
The journey from dream to reality can sometimes be long and weary, but when we reach it, we will see that we have made it and we will then realize why the journey took us that way.

Looking at Joseph we see his life outline and events that took him from dream to being thrown into a pit, to being sold into slavery, to being made head slave of the house of Potiphar, to being lied upon and thrown into prison and again being made ruler over those around him and finally being asked to come and stand before the ruler of Egypt and coming to the point of realizing that he was standing in God's Place.

God's Place is a place that we sometimes don't understand the purpose and the reason for the journey. Our minds perceive that we would go another way and it would happen another way. In order to reach Gods Place we must first realize that the journey may be treacherous. It is not always about what right now is like, but it's about the dream, and how we position ourselves before God. Once we can do that then God will be able to bring us into His Place. And when we are standing in His Place, we are then able to understand why the journey took us through the pit, through the lies, through the darkness or the prison. Our position is the most important thing we need to remember because our position says to God, that we are not concerned about right now, but our concern is about what He is doing on the journey and that His dream will become a reality.