Monday, September 13, 2010

My Dream Came True.

Well where do begin? August was such a wonderful month. But please let me take you back to where it all begins. Almost three and a half years ago, I moved to Louisiana to intern for the summer. Upon arrival I was told of this wonderful girl named Halley, who was beautiful and who loved missions. Being the person that I am, I wanted to know more of her, I wanted to meet her but after trying, nothing came about of it.
I moved back to St. Louis to finish my last year at Gateway but during that year, I began emailing Halley on the old “Everyonesconneced” wow now that was a funny website. We emailed a few times back and forth, but it seemed that nothing was going to ever come of it.
So at that time I didn’t put any more work into things and I just let things be for that time. May came around and I was invited to move back to Louisiana and made it my home. I was excited to move back because of all the wonderful people who I had come to know and fall in love with.

During that year, Halley and me would see each other, but it never seemed to connect, until last June. Myself, Halley and her room mate Maurisha were able to get together for coffee, at that moment I became so nervous, not sure why but all I could think about was that beautiful girl who was sitting across the table from me. There was something that was radiating out of her. More that just the noticeable, but it was something that I really cant explain, at that moment I felt as if there were a strength that was pouring out of her.

During the next few months before leaving Louisiana in September for Austria, we would see each other and we would often get together. I can remember my last night in Louisiana, and Pastor Jenkins had asked me to preach and I had asked Halley to come and hear me. During service I can remember looking back, waiting for her. Not until getting up to preach did I see her and all of a sudden that strength that I had felt came pouring back to me. 

Time passed and I arrived in Austria. Something began to happen that I really couldn’t explain. Our communication began to grow. We would Skype a few times a month, we would email back and forth, we would txt here and there and our friendship began to grow and mature. Time passed and I reached a point that I was no longer satisfied just being friends with her, but I realized I cared for her way too much and I wanted things to go to a different level.
I can remember emailing her Pastors Wife, trying to figure out where she stood, and after hearing I decide to send Halley a card, just saying I was thinking about her and a box of Swiss Chocolates. During that time I realized that I needed to put some focus prayer and fasting into this, and I began to pray and ask the Lord that if it be his will, that he would give me the right time to tell her about my true feelings.

May 4th and I received an email from Sis Robinette saying she had emailed Halley, basically telling her that I was in love with her. All of a sudden I got sick because all I could think about was that things had just been messed up!
A little later I received a message from Halley saying we needed to talk and so she called me and we chatted and she began talking about the email and right at that exact moment, clearer than ever before I heard the voice of God say, now is the time to tell her.
I began to express my true feelings to her and at that moment she said, I am glad you finely said something I feel the same way. What a relief knowing she felt the same way. Such joy and excitement came flooding in.
I remember getting off the phone with her and all of a sudden I realized that I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Three months passed and she arrived in Austria to help with our youth camp. Being the planner that I am, I had it all planned out that I was going to ask her to marry me during that time. I had it all set up; I had purchased tickets to a symphony at the Hofburg Palace.
On Wednesday the 11th we set out for our evening. We first started at Café Central, which is considered to be Vienna’s oldest café. We had such a wonderful dinner together. Live music, a romantic candle light dinner, everything was just perfect. After dinner we walked down the road to where our Symphony was. I must say, being my first symphony, we had such a wonderful time.

After we walked through the gardens of the palace and through the imperial gate, across the road to two museums, which are two of the oldest in Vienna. They are twins actually, and in the middle there is a large courtyard. We started walking around, we stopped in front of one and I pulled out a card and at the end it said, you have one last surprise and you have to close your eyes. At this time she knew something was up and at that moment I get down on one knee and I ask the girl of my dreams to be my wife! After I talked to her and told her some words from my heart, with tears in her eyes she said YES!!!

I can say this from my heart! She is the girl of my dreams not because of any talent or what she could bring to a marriage. But more than anything I love her for who she is. If I never had a position, if anyone even or I never a title knew me, as long as I had her I would be content. She showed me what love truly was and I know that I cant live without her in my life.  She brings out that little boy in me, something that had been missing since I was a little boy. She completes me, me in every way possible, she brings out everything good thing in me, and gives a strength that I still cant explain, except that she is my angel that God sent to me. 

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  1. Glad I didn't totally mess things up....your story is one that many dream of.

    Congratulations! Love you both.