Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Beginning of the Rest of my Life!

Welcome Friends. I hope that you will enjoy this blog. I have designed it with the intentions to keep those of you who desire to follow what is happening in Europe! 

To give you a little piece of back ground please let me tell you about how my calling first began. 
Sitting in French class trying to learn the language there would be times where my mind would wonder and I would drift off into space. One day while we were learning about different parts of France the Lord spoke to me in a very direct way, and told me that I would be a missionary. Little did I know that eight short years later that I would be on the field. As to everything there is a process and my process took some time. 

After graduation from High School upon the request of my parents I decided to attend Bible College. Now in the beginning my desire was to attend a public university and work my way to medical school. But being an obedient person and obeying my parents I visited a preview weekend at Gateway College of Evangelism and after a chapel service God spoke and said I was to attend Bible School. So I filled out my application and that fall I moved to St Louis Missouri and  began my Bible School experience.  

Through four years of classes and many test and exams I finely finished and it was time to or so I thought it was time to hit the mission field but God had other plans. Though I thought that doors were opened, God made it known that it was not his time and so I stayed in Covington Louisiana and served my pastor. After serving him and allowing God to have control of my calling, the Lord began to speak and open doors. 

One day while driving home from work I received and email from Missionary Charles Robinette and in it were these words, "We would be deeply honored to have you on our team that is reaching the nation of Austria." The door was opened and God was doing what he had promised. Within four months of receiving that email I arrived here in Vienna.

This is not just a trip to see the world but rather this is a calling and it is the beginning of the rest of my life! 


  1. Awesome testimony.....Love that you've got a blog now. It's a great way for people to stay updated on what is going on in your life and ministry.

    We're so proud to have you apart of the team.

  2. "He is no fool to lose what he cannot keep, to keep what he cannot lose"...Dante
    Proud of you Son... "Keep up the good fight of Faith"...Our lives(mom and me) have been enriched with such children as You and Hope ....Thanks for being all you are...
    You Both have our Blessing
    dad and mom