Monday, March 15, 2010

Geneva here we come!

This weekend I was privileged to be with the great people of the of the Geneva work. This was my first visit before I move here in April and what a wonderful city. A city that is ripe for revival!

I left Vienna on Saturday morning and dont ask me why I chose the 6:55am flight! 
I arrived and as normal I collected my bag from baggage and went outside to catch a taxi to my hotel. 
To my surprise my taxi driver spoke very good english, I told him my hotel and we were off. 

Now I have drive with Boston taxi drives and they will scare you but this guy did something that was just crazy. As we were driving down the Autobahn or Highway we came upon a traffic jam so instead of just waiting this guys throws the car and reverse and starts driving backwards down the highway dodging and missing oncoming traffic! 

So we finely pull up to what I thought was my hotel, the guy charges me 60 swiss francs and takes off before realizing he took me to the wrong hotel!
First time ever, I was suckered by a taxi driver. I go inside and have the hotel call me another taxi to take me to the right hotel. My taxi fare ended up costing me for the first hour of being there almost 100 Francs! 

Later that day I decided to walk around the city awhile and wow what a beautiful city! Mountains all around and Lake Geneve' starts right in the middle of the city, just breath taking!

That night I met up with Sis Constance and a few of the saints of the church. We ended up having dinner at a  wonderful place called " Chez ma cousine" chicken and fries. Probably the best I had tasted in a while. 

We began to talk  talk about all the wonderful things that God is going to do here in the city and beyond! 
This is a church that is ready for revival and ready for a move of the Holy Ghost! God is going to pour out a revival like Switzerland has never seen before. 

Sunday we all gathered at Sis Constances house for church where a total of about eight children and 12 adults came together to have church. Each and every person came ready to have church, ready to worship and ready to pray and what a move of the Holy Ghost we had.

After preaching God filled one lady with the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues! To God be the glory.

Now is the time, the fire is still falling and the people are ready. Jesus said, "In the last days I will pour out of my spirit" He is doing that and we MUST be ready to facilitate the revival! We must possess our lands as one! The harvest is large and the laborers are to small! 

We must not wait for everything to happen just right, for all the finances to fall into place for the perfect door to open or God to say" here is the door"
I have learned that the will of God is not some "magical thing" but rather the will of God is where there is a need!

If you only present yourself to God as a living sacrifice, the doors will begin to open and you will begin to see things you have never seen before.
Now is the Time, Today we must Start the Journey!

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