Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Throughout life you have many different people who come and go. You have those who you don't want to remember but then you have those who you often remember. And then there is the mentor who is in your life. That person that speaks into your life, who can call you into accountability, that person who you can just talk to about situations or problems you may be facing. 

God gives us people like that to help us on our way, to lead and guide us through the path of life for reason that life can be harsh at times. Not every individual is privileged to have great people in their life or to have great men of God  who can be that voice.

Elisha had that type of person. His name was Elijah; a mighty man of God. Elisha realized that it was important to have that type of person in his life because he desired more out of life then what could be seen. He realized when Elijah passed by him and threw the mantle that if he would follow him and seek to be like him that there would be something powerful that would be imparted and given by God.

As young men it is very important for use to have an Elijah in our life. Someone who can impart the principles and show us what it means to be Apostolic. Face it, there are to many people in this world who try to throw "junk" in our lives as well as the perverseness of society. My understanding for the importance of and Elijah is to help us to see more clearly and be ready when those things come our way. 

Every young minister needs an Elijah who he can just call to talk and listen to, to hear the words, 'that they made it and that if God did it for them, then He will do it for you.'

My mentor who I dearly love, I try and hold so close, as well as I can with being so far. He is always there, ready when needed to rebuke but always ready to speak the words that are needed. If you do your best to hold your Elijah close, you will grow to areas of your life that you did not realize existed. 


  1. So glad that you have an Elijah in your life....someone who cares enough about you to call you into accountability. It takes people who truly love us, and yet have Godly wisdom to know when to step in and speak to us or when to wait and allow God to speak to us.

  2. I am so glad that you have an Elijah in your life. Everyone needs one, someone they can be accountable to... and yet trust. And that someone needs to be filled with Godly wisdom and love and know when to speak,and yet know when to allow God to speak instead.