Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Chicken and Fries"

I can never stop being amazed by the way God directs us and guides us each day that we walk with him. The bible tells us that He orders our steps and so I take it literally. I believe that every day God directs our steps to put us in the perfect path that will bring the best result and glory to Him.

Tonight I was supposed to have dinner with the manager from Starbucks and at the last minute he had to cancel due to previous engagements. I decided that I would go get something good to eat tonight. As I began eating two guys my age sat down and began talking. At that moment I was able to realize that they were American. 

As the gentleman that I am I decided to wait for them to finish eating before I sparked the conversation. As we finished eating I ask that first question that most people ask. "So where you guys from"? They began to tell me that they were from Tennessee but they both lived in Europe now. They began asking me what I did and what I was doing here and at that moment my door had just been opened! 
I told them I was a Pastor here in Geneva working on building a church. Both of them were at shock because one of them was working here in Geneva as a youth pastor and the other was helping pastor a church in Ireland. 

I dont for one minute take lightly the favor of God. I believe very strongly that each day He gives us unbelievable and undeniable favor with all sorts of people. Just as He did tonight with the two young men that I came in contact with. Tonight the Lord gave me a connection that will grow and I believe this will be a story that we will hear more about down the road. The one young man already wants to get together for coffee! 
No one can deny the power and favor of God.
When we walk in Apostolic authority you cant help but walk in God favor!

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