Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Today has been a slower day then I would have liked. I was able to accomplish so much this week and then it seems like I have not really accomplished much today.

I woke up today around 8:00 for a scheduled meeting that I had along with a hand full of other things that had to be done. Right now I am sitting at the office (AKA Starbucks) it seems to be the place that I have found myself spending a lot of my time during the day. It has been so wonderful, I have had the privilege to meet many different people, from British, French, Brazilian and Americans. 

Its something to sit in a busy place where people come and go every minute. You see many different cultures and backgrounds. You see the usuals , the tourist and then you even see those who are hoping to get a just a few cents.

Even though I spend much of the time working I can't stop but to look and watch people. I know this sounds like a cliche' but when I look at the different people I see people that are so hungry for something different than what they have. 
Geneva is one place in the world where many wealthy people live. Even though they have all the wealth that they could even want, I see people who are crying out for help.I have never been anywhere in the world where I see people so hungry as I do here. 
I love this city because God is going to grow such a mighty church. 

Thank you for all the prayers!

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  1. .....and we know there will be a great church, you're the man for the job.